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Do you need a little extra help to hit that deadline? Maybe your product is so successful you need more staff to manage it than you expected. Let our staff augmentation service take the burden off of you. IT staff augmentation is a service designed to provide just the right temporary talent for your organization. Our outsourcing can deliver the best people for the job, for as long as you need them.

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The Staff Augmentation Services Process

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Get the right staff when you need them
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Our Staff Augmentation Services

Our IT staff augmentation takes into account your key considerations and needs as a business. Whether it’s scaling to seasonal work or needing a specialized set of skills, we can help.


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Common Questions about Staff Augmentation Services

What are staff augmentation services?

Staff augmentation is a service that allows for outsourcing and hiring skilled professionals as needed for your organization. Sometimes you need more help than you have on hand, and that’s where we come in.

How does the staff augmentation process work?

If you were to undertake a full hiring process for mid to high-level IT professionals, it could take a significant investment of time and money. With IT staff augmentation, you simply give us your needs, and we’ll handle getting you the talent with our outsourcing.

How much does staff augmentation cost?

The cost of staff augmentation services varies with the size and complexity of the project. We’ll work with you to find a price point and design that works for you.

What’s the difference between staff augmentation and managed services?

Staff augmentation provides the work that you need, when you need it. Managed services outsource a whole problem. Often in IT fields or tech, jobs require high levels of context and technique, and with a managed services program, you don’t have the guarantee that you can control the outcome. With staff augmentation services, we provide you with the extra team members that you need to slot right into your team, and do the work you need them to do, rather than asking a wholly outside organization to solve a potentially sensitive issue.
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