Q90 created a web-based system to track all patient data, documentation, billing, certification, reporting etc. This system allowed a 100% rate of chart auditing and management oversite as well as significant improvements to staff work flow and processes.

Q90 cloudified an existing client-server application, so that it can be accessed by users from any internet connected device. This allowed our client to expand their reach into markets they hadn’t been able to penetrate prior to this product.

Q90 created a custom, web-based framework to manage their clients, products, off site storage, and support. The system helped them stay in communication with their clients while improving the efficiency of their internal staff.

Q90 created a web database for Print Tracker to assist with organizing print meter read statistics, alert statuses, and customer accounts. This super scalable system supports the tracking of millions of devices on six continents.

Close To My Heart has made many significant contributions to the scrapbooking and stamping industry, and provides supplies to distributors throughout the United States and Canada. Q90 migrated all their data from an oracle database to a MS SQL database.

Q90 built phase 1 of an iWorlds Simulation. The simulation is intended for corporate team building exercises.

Q90 worked with Ninjabee to create Outpost Zarahemla to entertain and assist young children in a missionary setting in space.  This spoof video game is loosely based on “Lemonade Tycoon”.

Q90 created a database system to help the City of Springville better manage their cemetery. Cemetery Management System is a website/database that organizes the cemetery plot information so that customers can view different options online.

Q90 migrated all of Synergy’s databases into one main database and rewrote their customer service application. Synergy is now able to better serve their customers.

Music Wizard Group developed a method that helps teach children how to play the piano and guitar while also having fun. Q90 built this edutainment game, Piano/Guitar Wizard, to help Allegro with their purpose.

Q90 created a central framework to compile all the different systems that Allegro was previously using. Allegro Conductor, the web-based framework, assisted with tracking orders, creating better communication options, tracking team progress, etc.

Q90 was contracted by Zoo Games to build Bigfoot Collision Course on both Wii and PC platforms. The game is an off-road racing game specifically devoted to monster trucks.

Q90 developed a custom database system to link data from seven different countries. The combined databases, called ETL System, assist in computing commissions of sales persons from around the world and organizing all the data into one central location.

Q90 created a database to organize millions of print meter read statistics and alter statuses, along with a proposal generator and cost-comparison program. The LMI Tools database is also able to generate custom Microsoft Word and Excel templates to report the information.